Say Bonjour to Beta 4

Its been over a month since our last release, but its safe to say that things have been happening behind the scenes! Beta 4 is the first of many planned feature releases which will bring new functionality to LexasCMS prior to it being taken out of beta.

Since our last release, we’ve been hard at work adding features, fixing bugs and making overall improvements to LexasCMS. We’re tremendously excited to show you what we’ve been working on, and we can’t wait to hear everyones thoughts and feedback.

Localisation support
This is something we’ve wanted LexasCMS to support out of the box for a long time and has been one of our main focuses for the past three weeks.

Enabling localisation on new or existing websites is now as simple as defining the required locales and populating the localised content. Very few, if any changes at all should be required to your websites route configs, templates or controllers.

We’re incredibly happy with how this has turned out, and strongly believe that it will make developing multilingual websites a much easier and more pleasant experience for both developers and content editors. 

New sidebar when editing collection items
Another much desired improvement to LexasCMS’ admin panel, was the ability to toggle a collection items active state while actually editing the item. With the release of beta 4, a new sidebar has been added, allowing you to toggle the items active state and also delete the item.

Updated default index template
The old default index template wasn’t very helpful for new users or developers. We’ve taken what we learnt and improved the default index template, introducing more guidance to help you figure out where to go next.

In addition to those listed above, this release also brings with it many other bug fixes and improvements. For full details of the changes made in this release, check out the full changelog.

We’d like to thank everyone who has already signed up to the beta and provided feedback. Your support is incredibly important to help us further improve and develop LexasCMS. 

If you haven't tried the beta yet, click here to create an account and follow the instructions from within your account. As a small token of our appreciation, you will receive a free license key upon LexasCMS' general release.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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