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Simplify content management

Creating and managing your content using a unified approach saves you time and makes it easy to create consistency across all devices and platforms.

  • Publish to all platforms and devices in a single click
  • Simple and distraction free content editing experience
  • Save time by not switching between multiple content management systems
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First class localisation

All of your content can be easily localised, allowing you to deliver the best possible digital experience to all of your customers, no matter what language they speak.

  • Create content in as many locales as you could possibly need
  • Define locale fallbacks for the times when localised content isn't available
  • Manage all locales from the same easy to use content editing interface
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Content management for your whole company

From content editors to marketers and developers, LexasCMS is the perfect content management solution for everyone.

  • For Digital Marketers

    Take full control of your next campaign by using the only content platform with a focus on content planning and experimentation.

  • For Developers

    Deliver content at scale using your favorite tools and frameworks and without managing infrastructure.

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