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Drivers Configuration

The drivers configuration allows you to determine how specific parts of the system should accomplish their desired task.

For example, the file system has multiple drivers available which allow you to decide where data in the file system should be stored, by default this is on disk but the drivers configuration makes it trivial to switch this behaviour to store files on an external service such as Amazon S3.

A driver is defined by providing the name of the add-on that should be used as the driver for a particular system.

Possible Keys

There are a number of different areas of LexasCMS that can be configured using drivers, a list of these can be found below:

Driver Base value (default) Description Available values (Out of the box)
adminAuth adminAuthDatabase Admin user authentication. adminAuthDatabase
cache cacheDisk Cache implementation cacheDisk, cacheMemory, cacheRedis
exception exceptionStandard Exception handler exceptionStandard
filesystem filesystemDisk Filesystem implementation filesystemDisk, filesystemS3
keystore keystoreDisk Keystore implementation keystoreDisk, keystoreMemory, keystoreRedis
logger loggerDisk Logger implementation loggerDisk
mail mailSmtp Mail implementation mailSmtp


Below is a simple example of how you would configure the file system to store files on Amazon S3:

filesystem: filesystemS3