User Guides


Before beginning the installation process, you should check the server requirements.

If you would prefer to not use the CLI tool, click here for the manual installation instructions.


  • Node 8.0 or greater (including NPM)
  • Docker
  • A license key (currently free for the beta) - Get a license key

Step 1

If you don't have it installed already, install LexasCMS's CLI tool using the below command.

npm install -g lexascli

Step 2

After ensuring that Docker is running, create a new LexasCMS project using the new command.

lexascms new my-project

Step 3

Enter your new projects directory, and run the serve command to start the development server for your new project. The serve command will provide you with an URL where you will be able to view your project.

cd my-project
lexascms serve

Step 4

Navigating to the URL provided by the serve command, you should now see a message stating that your website is ready.

Note: By default, a user named default with the password 1234 will be created. You should replace this user after logging into the admin panel.

What Next?

Now that your website is setup, all that's left is to configure some routes and define some content, but first you should read the introduction to configuration if you haven't already done so.