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$ npm install -g lexascli
$ lexascms new my-awesome-site
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Content management, the way it should be

LexasCMS is a modern PHP based CMS and development framework designed to simplify content management while boosting developer productivity. Its clean and uncluttered admin interface makes managing content a breeze, while a clear separation of concerns ensures that developer productivity is maximised.

$ lexascms new my-awesome-site
$ cd my-awesome-site
$ lexascms serve
Now serving at: http://localhost:8000/

From zero to productive in seconds

Supercharge your workflow with LexasCLI's generators and built-in development server. Create more value for your clients and spend less time writing boilerplate code.

    slug: true
      - { name: "name", type: "text", title: "Name" }
      - { name: "biography", type: "html", title: "Biography" }

      - { name: "heading", type: "text", title: "Heading" }
      - { name: "copy", type: "html", title: "Main Copy" }
      - { name: "team_members", type: "collection", title: "Team Members", definition: "team_member" }

Structure your content, your way

Your CMS should fit around your content, not the other way around. LexasCMS comes with no predefined content structure, allowing you to define how you would like the content to be structured.

{% extends "base.twig" %}

{% block pageBody %}
  <div id="about">

    <h1>{{ page.heading.html() }}</h1>
    {{ page.copy.html()|raw }}

    <div id="team-members">
      <h2>Team Members</h2>

      {% for teamMember in page.team_members %}
        <h3>{{ }}</h3>
        {{ teamMember.biography.html()|raw }}
      {% endfor %}

{% endblock %}

Bring your own design

Having complete control of your users experience is incredibly important. LexasCMS makes no assumptions about your design and provides you with full control of your websites HTML/CSS and user journey.

enabled: true
  fr: { label: French }
  de: { label: German }

Localisation support

Thanks to LexasCMS' built-in localisation support, enabling multilingual content on both new and existing websites is easier than ever before.

Built to scale

With a strong focus on immutable deployments and incremental upgrades, LexasCMS is designed to reduce the complexities of deploying and scaling your website.

More features

Powerful Routing

The powerful and expressive routing layer enables you to load content directly into your templates without a single line of code.

Asset Pipeline

From preprocessors to sprite sheet generation, LexasCMS' configurable asset compilation pipeline allows you to manage your websites assets in a way that suits you.

Responsive Admin UI

Whether on the go on your mobile device, or at home on your computer, managing your website has never been easier thanks to LexasCMS' intuitive and responsive admin panel.


An extensible filesystem, supporting local disk and Amazon S3 out of the box, allows you to take full control of where and how your website stores files.


An extensible caching layer, supporting local disk, in memory and Redis, ensures that your websites content is delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Pluggable Architecture

From template helpers and content types, through to custom filesystems drivers and exception handlers. Almost every part of LexasCMS is designed to be extended.

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The beta of LexasCMS is available to download right now! Additionally, all beta participants will receive a free license key as our thanks for taking part.

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