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LexasCMS is a centralised content hub for creating and managing scheduled content across websites, mobile apps or any other channel.

Create, manage and schedule all of your content from a single centralised hub.

Whether you're managing content for a website, mobile app or any other channel, LexasCMS enables you to plan ahead by allowing you to create and schedule multiple versions of your content.

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  • 1. Define your content structure

    Quickly and easily define the structure for your content using a wide choice of available field types.

  • 2. Write, edit and manage your content

    Now that you have a defined content structure, you can begin creating content with one or more variations inside a tailored content editing experience.

  • 3. Schedule and prioritise your variations

    Variations can be independently scheduled and prioritised, allowing you to easily plan what your content should look like at any point in time.

  • 4. Deliver your content

    Once your content has been published, you can rest easy knowing that your customers will receive the right content at the right time.

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Auto-pilot for content management

Simply and easily define when any given piece of content should be delivered. It's never been easier to ensure that your customers continuously receive the correct information.

  • Scheduling

    Specifying when variations should become active and when they should expire allows you to accurately define exactly what content will be delivered at any point in time.

  • Prioritisation

    Prioritise variations via drag and drop to establish which should take precedence in the event that multiple are active at the same time.

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Plus, everything you'd expect

From a lightning fast global delivery network through to full localisation support, we've got everything you need to deliver a first class digital experience.

  • Global Delivery Network

    Content is delivered using our blazing fast content delivery network, ensuring that your customers always experience superfast load times.

  • Flexible Content Model

    Structuring your content however you like enables you to easily reuse it across multiple websites, mobile apps and more.

  • Translations

    Easily manage your content in multiple languages from the same simple to use editing interface. You can even configure fallbacks to handle cases where content has not yet been translated.

  • Developer Friendly

    Our robust and simple to use Content Delivery API comes in two flavours; GraphQL and JSON:API (REST), enabling developers to choose whichever suits their preferences and requirements.

Content management for your whole company

From content editors to marketers and developers, LexasCMS is the perfect content management solution for everyone.

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  • For Digital Marketers

    Take full control of your next campaign by using the only content platform with a focus on content planning and experimentation.

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  • For Content Editors

    Manage your content across multiple platforms and devices, all from a single and centralised content hub.

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  • For Developers

    Deliver content at scale using your favorite tools and frameworks and without managing infrastructure.

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