Content Scheduling

Easily publish scheduled content
across multiple channels

With an integrated set of content planning tools, LexasCMS enables you to use scheduled publishing to effectively plan and manage your content strategy.

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August Sale (Last Chance)
28th Aug 2020, 5pm - 31st Aug 2020, 11:59pm
August Sale (Must End)
21st Aug 2020, 5pm - 28th Aug 2020, 5pm
August Sale
1st Aug 2020, 7am - 21st Aug 2020, 5pm
Default Promo (Fallback)
No Schedule

Precision content planning, made simple

By creating and scheduling multiple variations of your content, LexasCMS's publishing schedule enables you to accurately define who should receive what content, and when they should receive it.

  • Effortlessly create and schedule future promotions or marketing campaigns
  • Precisely plan personalised content changes, right down to the minute
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Simultaneously schedule content across multiple channels

Whether you're scheduling content for websites, mobile apps, smart watches or anything else, LexasCMS will enable you to push content changes to all of your channels at exactly the same time.

  • Publish scheduled content across multiple platforms and devices at the same time
  • Ensure that your customers receive a consistent experience, regardless of their chosen channel
Calendar screenshot showing temporary content override

Easily manage temporary content

Sometimes, you need to temporarily override a piece of content. With LexasCMS, this is as simple as creating a new variation that has a higher priority than the one currently active.

  • Execute ad hoc promotions and campaigns with minimal disruption to your existing content schedule
  • Seamlessly create and implement temporary content overrides

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