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Preview your content
through your visitors eyes

LexasCMS provides a visual preview environment which not only enables content teams to see content in the context of a given date/time but also from the perspective of specific visitors.

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Visual content previews, without leaving your CMS

LexasCMS's in-app preview environment provides visual content previews that are deeply integrated with it's personalisation and scheduling features.

  • Accurately preview how your content changes over time
  • See exactly which content will be delivered to specific types of visitors at any given point in time
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Preview content from the perspective of your visitors

Configure the audience attributes for your preview to see a visual example of how your content would appear to specific types of visitors.

  • Easily verify that your content and audience conditions are correctly configured
  • Visually preview your content through the eyes of specific types of visitors
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A time machine for your content

Effortlessly visualise all of your past, present and future content with an integrated preview environment.

  • Visualise exactly how your applications content will change over time
  • Preview how content will appear at any point in time, whether it's right now, or in the past or future

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