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LexasCMS helps e-commerce agencies create highly personalised websites, mobile applications and digital experiences, by combining content with the untapped power of data.

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Why Clients Love LexasCMS

Here are just some of the reasons why your clients will love LexasCMS:

Content Personalisation

Our data-driven approach to content allows clients to easily create personalised experiences, without the need for developer input.

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Content Scheduling

Remove the time-consuming burden of manually publishing content changes. Let LexasCMS automate your clients entire content schedule.

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Visual Content Previews

Empower clients to browse their website as customers, so that they can see exactly what customers are seeing - at any point in time.

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High Performance

Our unique edge‑based infrastructure guarantees the lowest possible response times, giving you better UX and SEO rankings.

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In addition to full multi‑language support, our growing number of edge‑based content regions also keep global response times fast.

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E-Commerce Integrations

LexasCMS connects with multiple e‑commerce platforms, allowing clients to embed products and categories directly within their CMS content.

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“Integrating with LexasCMS was incredibly straightforward. It also offers an impressive number of options on how to structure different types of content, making it really easy for our marketing team to create and update content on our website.”

Antti Voutilainen
Antti Voutilainen
Director of E-Commerce

Agency Partner Program

We partner with agencies to create superior e‑commerce experiences that are custom-tailored for each customer.

Revenue Share

Join our Agency Partner Program and become eligible to receive a 10% revenue share for any clients that you bring to the platform.

Development Spaces

Become an Agency Partner, and receive free development spaces for use while creating your client projects on LexasCMS.

Technical Support

To help get you started, we'll provide additional technical support for you while you're creating your first client project with LexasCMS.

Partner Directory SOON

Receive a spot within our partner directory, and you'll gain the opportunity to gather inbound leads directly from LexasCMS.


Unlock the opportunity to display your case studies in our agency partner directory (coming soon), and partner with us on co-marketing efforts.

Sales Support

Our team will be happy to provide additional sales support when required, by offering product demos directly to your potential clients.

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