Edge-Based Content Delivery

The first edge-based headless CMS
for your e‑commerce store

As the first edge-based headless CMS, LexasCMS actively replicates and delivers your content from multiple globally distributed regions.

Content Region
Edge Cache

Edge-based content delivery, as standard

LexasCMS replicates and delivers your content from an edge network of strategically placed content regions, ensuring rapid performance for both cached and uncached requests.

Current Content Regions
Planned Content Regions
Edge Caches

Don't confine yourself to just a single region

Other platforms only utilise a single content delivery region, causing poor performance for customers who aren't physically located nearby their infrastructure.

Multi-Region Content Delivery

LexasCMS takes your content to the edge

In addition to vast performance improvements, our multi-region edge network provides several built-in levels of redundancy, further increasing the stability of the LexasCMS platform.

Multi-Region Content Delivery

An expanding network of content regions

Our growing number of content regions are strategically positioned, in order to provide the best level of performance and stability for customers.

Current Regions (6)

North America
California, USA
Ohio, USA
Dublin, Ireland
Frankfurt, Germany
Asia / Pacific
Sydney, Australia

Planned Regions (14)

North America
Florida, USA
Iowa, USA
Texas, USA
Virginia, USA
Washington, USA
London, United Kingdom
Milan, Italy
Stockholm, Sweden
South America
São Paulo, Brazil
Cape Town, South Africa
Asia / Pacific
Hong Kong
Mumbai, India
Tokyo, Japan

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