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Boost sales and conversion rates by presenting your customers with personalised promotions and recommendations. LexasCMS is designed specifically for e-commerce making it the perfect match for Vue Storefront.

LexasCMS focuses on e-commerce and personalization, and it stands out from the competition in this area! Their solution is well-thought out and has an excellent integration with Vue Storefront. Adding LexasCMS to your project shouldn't take more than a few minutes, which makes it worth giving a shot!

Filip Rakowski
Filip Rakowski CTO at Vue Storefront
Official Vue Storefront Module
import { useContent } from 'vsf-lexascms';

const { search } = useContent();

await search({
  type: 'collection',
  contentType: 'promoBanners',
  params: {
    filter: {
      featured: { _eq: true }
    page: { limit: 5 }

Pre-built integrations with Vue Storefront

We have developed and maintain official integrations with both Vue Storefront 1.x and Vue Storefront 2.x.

  • Full access to all API features (personalisation, scheduling, filtering, pagination etc.)
  • Empower content editors to create personalised user experiences and update content without developer involvement
See Vue Storefront 1.x integration guide See Vue Storefront 2.x integration guide
Vue Storefront Technology Partner Badge

Vue Storefront Technology Partner

LexasCMS is an official technology partner of Vue Storefront. This means that you can be sure that integrating LexasCMS into your Vue Storefront project will be a smooth process.

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Built-in content personalisation

LexasCMS' personalisation capabilities make it trivial to show your customers the offers, promotions and products which best match their interests.

  • Take control of your content and show customers the products and promotions which are most relevant to them
  • Integration is simple and comes without the need to maintain complex logic within your application source code
Learn more about personalised content
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1st Aug 2020, 7am - 21st Aug 2020, 5pm
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Effortless content scheduling

Accurately plan and schedule not only when your promotions and marketing campaigns start and end, but also which customers they are delivered to.

  • Run multiple marketing campaigns and promotions side by side, with each targeting a different set of customers
  • Start scheduling personalised promotions and marketing campaigns without developer involvement
Learn more about content scheduling
Screenshot content previews UI

Visual content previews

Preview your website from the perspective of specific users to see exactly what they'll see when they land on your website.

  • Create visual previews of your website in the context of specific types of visitors
  • Preview scheduled content by controlling both the date and time of the preview context
Learn more about content previews
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Connect your e-commerce platform

Create personalised recommendations and embed products and categories throughout your content, using data from your e-commerce platform.

  • Relate products and categories from your e-commerce platform to your CMS content
  • Combine with LexasCMS's personalisation features to create personalised recommendations
Learn more about our Magento 2 integration

See examples

These example e-commerce stores demonstrate just how simple it is to integrate Vue Storefront with LexasCMS.

Vue Storefront 1.x
Vue Storefront 2.x

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