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As an e-commerce focused CMS, LexasCMS provides pre-built Vue Storefront integrations and connects directly with your chosen e-commerce platform.

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Pölder Sport
Official Vue Storefront Module
import { useContent } from 'vsf-lexascms';

const { search } = useContent();

await search({
  type: 'collection',
  contentType: 'promoBanners',
  params: {
    filter: {
      featured: { _eq: true }
    page: { limit: 5 }


Accelerate your time-to-market with our pre-built integrations

We develop and maintain official integrations with Vue Storefront to make getting started as simple as possible.

  • Instant Access to all Features

    Our integrations come with out of the box access to all features, such as personalisation, scheduling and visual content previews.

  • Vue Storefront 1 & Vue Storefront 2

    With pre-existing integrations for both Vue Storefront 1.x and Vue Storefront 2.x, we've got you covered no matter what.

See integration guide: Vue Storefront 1 See integration guide: Vue Storefront 2
Vue Storefront Technology Partner Badge

Vue Storefront Technology Partner

As an official Vue Storefront technology partner, you can be sure that integrating LexasCMS with your Vue Storefront project will be quick and easy.

Audience conditions editing UI


Deliver personalised customer experiences with Vue Storefront

Showing customers the right content at the right time can be the key to getting more sales and increasing conversion rates.

  • Customer Segments

    Segment your customers into audiences based on their demographic, order history or any other data that you choose.

  • Content Targeting

    Display different variations of your content to each audience, ensuring that customers only see the most relevant content.

Learn more about personalised content
Vue Storefront

LexasCMS focuses on e-commerce and personalization, and it stands out from the competition in this area! Their solution is well-thought out and has an excellent integration with Vue Storefront. Adding LexasCMS to your project shouldn't take more than a few minutes, which makes it worth giving a shot!

Filip Rakowski
Filip Rakowski CTO at Vue Storefront
Content planning UI


Plan your content schedule, then sit back and relax

From minor copy tweaks to personalised recommendations, any content changes can be scheduled as near or as far into the future as you need.

  • Planning Calendar

    Gain a better understanding of how your content will change over time using our calendar based content planner.

  • Schedule Once, Publish Everywhere

    Easily schedule content changes to be simultaneously published across your websites, mobile apps and any other channels.

Learn more about content scheduling
Visual preview UI


Preview your storefront, through your customer’s eyes

Browse your Vue Storefront website in the context of specific customers to understand which content they will see.

  • Draft Content Previews

    Preview any content updates, even if they have not yet been published.

  • Time Machine

    Preview your content in context of a specific date and time to see how your content changes over time.

Learn more about content previews
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Connects with your e-commerce platform

In addition to integrating with Vue Storefront, LexasCMS also connects directly with your e-commerce platform.

  • Personalised Recommendations

    Display personalised recommendations for every customer using products and categories from your e-commerce platform.

  • Embeddable Products & Categories

    Show customers the products and categories which interest them most, by embedding them directly within your CMS content.

Learn more about our e-commerce integrations

See examples

These example e-commerce stores demonstrate just how simple it is to integrate Vue Storefront with LexasCMS.

Vue Storefront 1
Vue Storefront 2

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