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Vue Storefront Technology Partner

LexasCMS is an official technology partner of Vue Storefront. This means that you can be sure that integrating LexasCMS into your Vue Storefront project will be a smooth process.

Official Vue Storefront Module
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Official Vue Storefront module

We have developed and maintain an official module for integrating Vue Storefront with LexasCMS. Simply import the supplied mixins into your components and begin retrieving content using our global network.

  • Full access to all API features (filtering, pagination etc.), right from your templates
  • Empower content editors to schedule changes and update content without developers
See our Vue Storefront integration guide
Content Scheduling
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Effortless content scheduling

Our content delivery API automatically determines which content should be returned and when. This allows you to stop worrying about fetching content and focus more on building your website.

  • Content delivery API automatically handles scheduled content, preventing additional application complexity
  • No code changes are required for fetching scheduled content
Learn more about content scheduling
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              locale-code="de-DE" />

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First class localisation

Our Vue Storefront module makes it easy to retrieve content which is localised for your customers.

  • Create, manage and retrieve content in as many locales as you could possibly need
  • Define locale fallbacks for the times when content hasn't yet been translated
Learn more about localisation

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