Localisation & multi-language support
for your e‑commerce store

Manage content and marketing campaigns for your global consumer base using our comprehensive set of localisation features.

English - Great Britain
German - Germany
French - Canada
Fallback: fr-FR
French - France

There's no limit on languages

Define the languages you'd like to support and translate your content into as many as you need.

  • Boost traffic and conversions by delivering content in the native language of your audience
  • Seamlessly handle missing translations and simplify adding new languages by configuring locale fallbacks
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Manage multi-channel translations

Oversee content for websites, mobile apps, smart watches, or any other platform. Ensure that translations are consistent across all of your channels, using our multi-language features.

  • Manage translated content across multiple platforms and devices from a single unified dashboard
  • Ensure that your customers receive a consistent experience across every channel, no matter what language they speak

Configure field

Allows the field to be translated.

Allows this field to follow any configured locales fallbacks.

Update Field

Apply granular controls to fine tune translations

Translations and locale fallbacks can be enabled or disabled on a per field basis. This allows you to define exactly which content is translatable and how missing translations are handled.

  • Define which content is translatable on a per field basis
  • Control exactly how each field will handle missing translations

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