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LexasCMS provides Magento content editors with the CMS capabilities that they need, including content scheduling, content personalisation, full multi‑language support and more.

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Content planning UI


Say goodbye to the stress of manually publishing content changes

From minor tweaks to major renovations, any content changes can be scheduled as near or as far into the future as you need.

  • Planning Calendar

    Track how your content changes over time with our calendar based content planner.

  • Schedule Once, Publish Everywhere

    Simultaneously publish your content across your websites, mobile apps and any other channels with ease.

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Audience conditions editing UI


Drive sales using content personalisation

If you want to get more sales and increase your conversion rates, it's essential to get the right content in front of your customers.

  • Customer Segments

    Divide your customers into audience demographics, using order history or any other key performance indicators you choose.

  • Content Targeting

    Display unique versions of your content depending on your audience. This way, customers only see the most relevant, effective information.

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“Integrating with LexasCMS was incredibly straightforward. It also offers an impressive number of options on how to structure different types of content, making it really easy for our marketing team to create and update content on our website.”

Antti Voutilainen
Antti Voutilainen
Director of E-Commerce


Connects to your Magento 2 store

LexasCMS offers an official Magento 2 integration, enabling you to embed product and categories directly within your CMS content.

  • Tailor-Made Recommendations

    Display each customer's personalised suggestions using products and categories from your Magento 2 store.

  • Embeddable Products & Categories

    Show customers the most relevant products and categories, by embedding them directly within your CMS content.

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Visual preview UI


Preview your storefront, through your customer’s eyes

Browse your Magento 2 store as any customer segment, so you can better manage the content they see and its impact.

  • Preview Content Drafts

    Check out any content updates, even if they aren't published yet.

  • Content Time Machine

    Preview content for any specific date/time to track how it changes over time.

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Plus, everything else you need

We give you everything you need to deliver the first class shopping experience your customers are craving.

  • Multi-Language

    Smoothly manage content in multiple languages. Easily configure fallbacks for cases where translations aren't necessary.

  • Global Delivery Network

    Content is dispatched using our hyperfast content delivery network, ensuring that customers always have split-second load times.

  • Versatile Content Model

    Structure content however you'd like to easily reuse it across multiple websites, mobile apps, and anywhere else that's relevant.

  • SEO Friendly

    Take full control of you websites SEO and ensure the best possible search rankings.

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