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Increase your productivity

Spend less time managing infrastructure and fulfilling minor content change requests, and instead focus on delivering new features and improvements to your application's users.

  • Reduce time spent updating and managing infrastructure
  • Handover content management tasks to your content or marketing teams
  • Focus on delivering new features and improvements
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Improve your development experience

With your content being delivered via an API, you're free to build and deploy your application using any of the tools and frameworks that you already love.

  • Retrieve content using either GraphQL or JSON:API (REST) via robust content delivery APIs
  • Centralised content hub allows for the reuse of content across multiple devices and platforms
  • Use any tool or framework including React, Ember.js, Gatsby and Next.js

Content management for your whole company

From content editors to marketers and developers, LexasCMS is the perfect content management solution for everyone.

  • For Digital Marketers

    Take full control of your next campaign by using the only content platform with a focus on content planning and experimentation.

  • For Content Editors

    Manage your content across multiple platforms and devices, all from a single and centralised content hub.

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