Personalised Content

Engage customers & improve sales
with e‑commerce content personalisation

Provide each customer with a highly personalised experience, without the frustration and performance issues caused by external platforms.

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25% Off Women's Shoes, Today Only!
Audience: Women
25% Off Men's Shoes, Today Only!
Audience: Men
25% Off All Shoes, Today Only!
Audience: None

Boost conversion rates using highly targeted content

Engage and excite customers with unique shopping experiences, by delivering highly targeted variations of your content designed for their specific needs and interests.

  • Increase sales and boost conversion rates by delivering a tailor‑made experience to each and every customer
  • Target customer groups with specific content variations
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Target individual customer characteristics

Create audiences to target specific customers, based on any combination of their individual characteristics, such as demographic, purchase history or other customer data.

  • Segment customers into audiences, and target groups based on any combination of characteristics
  • Deliver different content to each audience and maximize the impact of highly targeted content strategies
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Personalise anything

LexasCMS's centralised content hub enables you to seamlessly create and manage personalised experiences across websites, mobile apps or any other channel.

  • Consistently create personalised experiences across every channel
  • Manage cross-channel personalisation from a single content hub

How can personalised content help my business?

Just a few of the many reasons to use LexasCMS' content personalisation features:

A/B Testing
Deliver the right content to the proper testing groups, by integrating LexasCMS with your preferred A/B testing tool.
Generate More Leads
Personalise your CTAs and opt-in forms to convert more visitors into relevant, quality leads.
Increase Ad Conversions
Create personalised experiences for ad referrals based on the specific advert that a visitor clicked.
Unique Landing Pages
Adjust every landing page to ensure that each visitor's experience is relevant to their individual characteristics, wants, and needs.
Premium Content Paywalls
Quickly and easily place content behind paywalls to ensure that visitors can only access the content they're paying for.
Boost Sales & Engagement Rates
Present visitors with custom promotions and landing pages based on their previous behaviours and known interests.

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