Multi-region Content Delivery

Boost performance with
multi-region content delivery

LexasCMS is the only content management system to serve your content from multiple regions, reducing loading times and improving performance.

Content Region
Planned Content Region
Edge Cache

Your content, globally distributed

LexasCMS delivers your content from multiple strategically placed content regions to ensure rapid response times for both cached and uncached requests.

Current Content Regions
Planned Content Regions
Edge Caches
Graphic of existing CMS delivery infrastructure

Your visitors deserve better performance...

Behind their CDNs, existing CMS solutions deliver content from a single region. As a result many of your users will suffer from variably poor performance depending on where they're geographically located.

Graphic of LexasCMS multi-region delivery infrastructure why not give it to them?

LexasCMS uses multiple strategically placed content regions to ensure the highest level of performance for all visitors.

Thanks to a unique architecture, response times remain rapid regardless of the visitors location and whether the requested content is cached or not.

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