Requesting content from the Content Delivery API doesn’t usually require authentication.

However, there are certain features (e.g. content previews) which do require that requests be authenticated before they can be used.

To send an authenticated request you first need to create an API key, and then provide it to the Authorization header of your request in the format of a Bearer token.

1. Creating an API Key

To create a new API Key:

  1. Navigate to the Settings > API Keys section of your spaces control panel
  2. Click the Create API Key button
  3. Enter a name and optionally a description for your new API Key
  4. Configure the permissions that you would like this key to have
  5. Click Create API Key

2. Using the Authorization header

As mentioned above, once you have created an API, you’ll need to provide it to the Content Delivery API using the Authorization header.

How you do this exactly will depend on the programming language and/or framework/library that you’re using to send the request, but the format of the header should look like the snippet below:

Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY
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