Billing and Payments

All spaces in LexasCMS are billed to the organisation within which they were created. The amount billed depends on the plan type that was selected when creating the space.

The range of available plans and the differences between each of them can be found on the pricing page.

How does billing work?

Organisations follow a single billing cycle for all of the spaces within the organisation.

After creating your organisations first space, your billing cycle will begin and you will be billed the first months cost of that space up-front. You will then be billed on the same date every month until all spaces have been deleted.

If you add further spaces to your organisation, you will be billed a prorated amount of the new spaces monthly cost up until the end of the current billing cycle. The new space will then be added to your future monthly charges.

In the event of payment failures, we will notify you via email and retry payment up to 4 times. If we’re still unable to take payment, your organisation will be temporarily deactivated until you are able to provide a new payment method.

Upgrading / Downgrading Plans

You can upgrade or downgrade the plan for a space at any time from the settings page of your space, with all changes taking immediate effect.

When upgrading a space, you will be charged a prorated amount of the new plans price. This ensures that you only pay for the time remaining in your current billing period, less any unused time on the old plan type.

When downgrading a space, credits will be applied to your organisation for use on future invoices.

Overage Charges

All plans have an allocation of allowed resource usage. In the event that you reach your plans limits, your service will resume as normal, but we may add overage charges to your next bill.

Overages are charged at the following rates:

API Requests - $9 per block of 1,000,000 additional requests
Bandwidth - $9 per block of 50GB of additional bandwidth

Additional resources are shared between all of the spaces within an organisation. For example, if you had two spaces which were each exceeding their API request limits by 250,000, you would only be charged for one block of additional API requests.

Please note that overage charges are only intended to be used on a temporary basis (i.e. during seasonal traffic peaks). If you continue to breach your plans limits, we may contact you about upgrading your plan.


You may cancel your subscription at anytime by deleting all of your organisations spaces. After deleting your organisations final space, your subscription will be marked for cancellation at the end of the current billing period.

At the end of your billing period, your subscription will be cancelled and you will be charged for any remaining unpaid overages.

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